Mark Your Memorable Presence on Instagram



Who does not like them?

The growing popularity of Instagram is the proof that in the coming few years, digital platforms would be ruled by the visuals. Instagram has billions of users and you can find a majority of customers on this platform. If you are not representing your brand on this platform, you are making the biggest mistake.

According to an SEO Company review, social media is bias to the visuals and such content is 40X more likely to be shared. So, if you are ready to exploit this opportunity, read further.

#1. Advertising comes after experience

If you want to use the social media for advertising, Facebook is your place but if you want a genuine connection with the audience, you need to be convincing instead of advertising. Be interesting and let the audience come to you. Instagram is a platform where people go to have fun, they do not want another pesky ad trying to sell them things that they do not want.

#2. Close to the reality

The social media is not about showing the best side of you, it is about showing the true one. Be an open book and let the audience decide what they have to do. Keep your posts close to the reality so that you do not have many lies to cover. True content appeals the audience on an emotional level and they can relate to it. Reflect what you believe.

#3. Stories bring engagement

You already know that storytelling is the best way to leave an impression on the audience. Set a stage and deliver your message in the most acceptable and engaging form. With the help of pictures, you can double the impact of the story. Interconnecting posts make the audience wait eagerly as what is going to happen next.

#4. Make friends with other brands

Keep the rivalry aside on the Instagram. It is all about giving the audience what they deserve. Find out the brands which have the same audience as yours. Make a relationship with them and serve them the much needed relevant content. Both the brands will be benefitted if they decide to work together.

#5. Less but influential

The quantity does not matter. Even a few posts per week can make you popular on Instagram. Do not just post an image because it’s there and you can. Convince yourself that you have a reason for it. Know whether the post would be relevant to your audience.

#6. Caption increases shares

Captions increase the engagement. When you support your post with the relevant and catchy captions, you can encourage your audience to take part. They would visit your account and share it with the friends too. Just focus on the image and caption, the rest would follow.

You know you should be doing. It is the time to implement and take an action. You are already late, a lot of brands are using Instagram creatively. The local SEO services suggest that you come up with a plan soon and put your first viral post on Instagram. Do one thing that can make you stand apart. Be useful and be interesting.

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