How To Use Blog To Market Businesses on Social Media?

How To Use Blog To Market Businesses on Social Media

Nowadays, blogs have become so much important, or better said, the fundamental strategy to carry out the social media marketing in an effective manner. To make the most of your marketing strategy, it is necessary to enhance the readership of

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TV is a Fine Extension of Twitter’s Event Targeting

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Game of Thrones. What is it you saying? Love it! Right, we all do. YouTube has snatched away the TV audience but could not deviate their interests. The TV series have many fans and dedicates viewers. They may be watching

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Find, Connect and Sell To Your Clients on Social Media

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The news is “Everybody  is using the social media”. Don’t know if that is a good news or not. It is an opportunity  because you can target more audience on a larger scale on a single platform. It is bad

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Should Brands Delete their Facebook Pages (Now that Personal posts are Favored)

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“Personal posts over news”, says Facebook. This statement brought an earthquake in the digital industry and everything seems to be changing planes. Facebook does not want to become an advertising platform and it is on the way to restore the

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Mark Your Memorable Presence on Instagram


Pictures. Who does not like them? The growing popularity of Instagram is the proof that in the coming few years, digital platforms would be ruled by the visuals. Instagram has billions of users and you can find a majority of

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Represent Social Media like a Champion with These ‘Visual’ Tools

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It is not possible that visuals are still not a part of your social media strategy. Every brand and SEO Company out there are using the visuals to deliver the message and to connect with the audiences. Live streaming is

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Get Your Audience’s Attention by Some Live Action


Live streaming is gaining much popularity nowadays. People are more likely to watch a live video than a recorded one, about three times more. We are not talking about the YouTube videos, we are referring the social media videos. The

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A perfect analogy to understand the SEO, SMM, and SEM

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Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing; these three are the pillars of the online representation of any brand. SEO takes time but the effects last longer, SMM takes comparatively lesser time but effects are perishable and

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Why Social Media is Telling you Stories (and You Are Liking Them)

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An interesting content keeps the audiences engaged. They react well to the content and take an action further; either purchase a product or subscribe to the services. The visuals are considered to be the best kind of content but according

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6 Ways to Getting Traffic and You Do not Have To Choose One

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The best and the worst thing about having options is that you have to choose. When in exams, you have to answer a question, multiple choice seems better than having no option. In life, however, you want it all and

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