We all know that to succeed in business, one has to apply many layers of efforts.  Usually people search on Google and other search engines to locate any local business and for that matter any business. Studies even predict that 36% queries in local business starts with general search engine. But if your local business marketing is solely based on SEO then you are absolutely missing some great opportunities.

Where are the customers searching your local business?

There is no doubt that local SEO have an important effect in getting business for local business startups. Yet two third of the searches are done outside Google. In order to get recognized for the local business, it is important to be found in other important platforms as well.

10seos has brought the list of other platforms that are important for a local business startups:


  1. Niche Directories


There are actually many ways to add great values to your business. The most convenient is to get easily found. Studies predict that 15% local searches started from directories or website that consumers wants to search for. For example, somebody searching for restaurant will directly go to tripadvisor while somebody searching for accommodation can directly go the related site.  Thus we see for very specific searches, people prefer to directly to the sites. If you want to get found in all relevant places other than search engine results, make sure to register yourself in the most popular directories targeting your niche market customers.

  1. Customer Reviews

Approx 7% of local searches begins from the customer reviews. There are certain businesses such as hospitality industry that run on the customer reviews. However,customers are commonly seen consulting the reviews even for any purchase online. If you have a local retail business, reviews might not play a major role but if it is an ecommerce site then definitely it does create lot of difference. Hence make sure to have better reviews.

  1. Online Directories

To create business for your brand, it is highly important to establish a strong brand identity. Brand identity can be build by number of ways. One of the easiest path is to be found at the relevant place and what better can be other than a relevant directory. But there are hundreds of them in which max are not worthy to be listed, keep in mind the relevancy. Apart from directories, social media platform like Facebook also provide local listing for their users. Listing is a very important source for getting business for local small business startups. For example, somebody looking for plumber will go through Yelp or Yellow page and find the right one hence getting listed in these directories is always beneficial for local marketers.

  1. Mapping Apps

Mapping apps are an emerging platform for local businesses to be recognized by potential customers. Although majority of local searches start from mobile searches yet mapping apps are still a budding platform. Mapping improves the business in many ways. Though there are many ways you can understand your competition in online business but the easiest way to beat this competition is getting presence in mapping apps. People look into maps to locate things around them while local directories, social media listing include maps that facilitate users for getting found.

With the growing importance of mobile searches, local marketers can always dive into these four online strategies while structuring their local search marketing strategy.


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