Do you sometime sit and think how personal blogs are so successful while corporate blogs are not?

Well, the fact is getting views on blogs require lot of elements together and corporate blogs are lacking in every field. Sadly, they are boring!

Corporate blogs usually have copy paste of press releases and stock marketing materials. The result is quite evident. Company blogs are never read by any customers. The blogs usually act as a checkbox for which company does not get any value.

Personal Blogs are among the best alternatives that people use with low budget to increase their business. These personal blogs enjoy a wide coverage of audiences and enjoy a strong community with absolutely negligible budget whereas corporate blogs are investing huge budget with minimum or no gain.

10seos always work behind providing some powerful tips and tricks to mend your current strategies and gain results.

If you run a corporate blog and wants to earn a good return from it then keep reading this post.

Let us begin!

5 characteristics of personal blog:


  • Personality


If you go to a personal blog, you can find that the blogger very clearly projects its personality in it. They are least afraid about projecting themselves, they are transparent in their approach. In this way they can connect with people more firmly. People can correlate the blogger with their ownself or from their close acquaintances hence personal blogs enjoy much more audience gathering.

  1. Message /Journey

If you look at the powerful personal blogs, you can identify that each of them has certain kind of message or a journey hidden in their blogs. Such messages and journeys inspire people to move ahead or face their life in the most wonderful ways. This is why personal blogs enjoy huge number of followers in their communities.

  1. Stories

There are many kind of blogging mistakes that are encountered while you go through different blogs. Not creating a content in the form of stories is another big mistake that we have seen so far for corporate blogs. Stories captures our imaginations and hence are more engaging. When the messages and journeys are conveyed in the story format chances are people understand them much better and connect with them on some other level.

  1. No Risk

The content of the personal blogs are added in instinct but corporate blogs have a long procedure to follow before a content is published in a blog. Thus we see the creativity is gone in corporate blogs.

  1. Boldness/ Declaration

Bloggers with personal brands are bold, make revelation and declaration in the most bold manner. They put themselves and their opinion in the most bold and upfront way. This can be a bit risky for corporations but in personal blogs they are the reasons followers go crazy.

  1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is quite a prevalent practice. We see personal blogger are much more open to guest blogging( in case they are influencers of the niche industry). There are many ways one can overcome guest blogging fear and establish a strong audience base and attract more community towards the blog. Corporate blogs can easily follow this  and gain better traffic for your blog.

We recommend you to follow these features in your corporate blogs to make your corporate blog much more attractive for your own customers.

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