Watch out The 4 Most Useless Strategies Which Will Penalized Your Site

4 Most Useless Strategies

Are you about to penalized your website? Hopefully not! But if you keep on following the dumbest strategies and expecting to get a better result for your site, then you probably are about to penalized your site.

In fact, there are many SEO companies which keep putting their efforts to get the higher ranking and attract more traffic but still uses old as well as ineffective techniques, which do nothing but penalize the website.

If you are hiring an SEO agency, then don’t trust them, until you validate that every strategy they are using are efficient, and will help you to achieve your goal. If you find any of these happening, then you are already on your way to get your site penalized.

Linking to the homepage

There is no such harm in linking your site to your home page, but then you have to make it in a right way.

Most of the people still believe that acquiring links to the homepage will allow your website to get the higher ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP). These were the strategies of 2005! Now Google does not rank websites, instead, it ranks the web pages. Adopt methods to link the pages which include the quality content and not just the home page.

If home page links are done naturally, then it is fine. Or else, the time has come to reevaluate your marketing plan. Because not only the duplicate content imposes the penalty but also linking to home page unnecessarily also invites penalty.

Linking wheels and farms

Link farms refer to the websites which have been created by the SEO provider, just to create more backlinks to any specific site. It usually has been created using free tools, such as WordPress or Bloggers and does not include any value except to modify the search results.

Link wheel is referred to the one when the marketer links to money articles. This includes that articles which have been linked to the money article are later linked to some other article which is also linked with the same money site.

Using link wheels without link farms could be an effective way to earn high-quality links naturally.

Linking from Penalized sites

Those sites which are already sandboxed by the Google is not going to give any favor when you link your site to them, and not going to increase the reach to your target audience.

Try to link to those sites which are trusted by Google. You can also use Penalty Checker to determine the penalty, and better to make an independent check.

Buying links

Earning links is always good, and buying links is something which has the much negative impact on ranking. This practices has been violated strictly by Google and will never add value to your website.

Links should be gained naturally using the valid tactics. Making practices to buy links means you are moving into the room of black hat marketers. Make sure your SEO provider earn link using white hat link acquisition methods. And if not, consider it as the red flag and discontinue it immediately!

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