Top SEO Strategies to Implement in 2017

Top SEO Strategies

If you implement correct SEO strategies on your site, your business is more likely to experienced high revenue and maximum ROI, but along with this, you have to make sure that you carry out an ongoing SEO practice to get the best result.

Once you generate sufficient traffic on your website,  you have to make continuous efforts to keep those ranking.

Check out the best search engine optimization techniques to stay at the top of search results.

Make an influencer who is subject matter expert

Influencer will help you to listen what people are saying online. While it comes to perform SEO practices, influencers will help your website to link with many people, since more people will share your content, and eventually generate more trust on your business.

Create proper content marketing strategy

Each website emphasizes on the keywords since they have a content strategy. Creating blogs, videos, images, white papers, reports are few of the best secrets of the professional SEO writer, because it allows people to link with. Also, content plays a major role in ranking your website on the search engine results.

Creating content on the regular basis indicates Google that it is an active site and deliver fresh as well as original content, and thus, results in achieving a better ranking.

Generate powerful backlinks to your web pages

Undoubtedly, including influencer and creating an effective content for your website helps you to achieve backlinks, but it is necessary to look for the ways to allow other web pages link to your site.writing content for large publication, interviewing the industry and providing content to those who matter, are few of the best ways to earn powerful backlinks for your website.

In fact, nowadays so many online tools available which allow you to get an idea about what your competitors are linking to. Once you know who are linking to your competitor’s website, you will be able to analyze how to get such links and could implement the same strategy for your site too.

Make your site mobile friendly

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website for your business, you have already lost at least half of your website traffic.SEO Mobile search is one of the most common SEO strategies and is accepted in three wide options, such as responsive design, setting up a sub domain and using dynamic serving.

If you have an app for your business, ensure that you spend sufficient time and effort to implement application SEO.

Make your website secure by moving to HTTPs

If you have a website and implementing SEO practices, without making your site secure by moving to HTTPs, then none of your efforts is going to work. In fact, there are many SEO tools available which support HTTPS. The ‘S’ here stands for security purpose, and if your website is instead of, then your website is secure and Google will take into consideration to rank it in the search result.

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