Every blog owner wants to have a high number of visitors for their content but unfortunately very few of them can get it. The reason is obvious there are millions of blogs on internet and thousands of them probably on the topic that you write. So how come search engine can know that your content is one of the relevant contents?

Three alphabet answer for this is SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO helps to optimize the content of the blog so that your blog can be visible on the first page of the search engine result page and attract maximum traffic. Optimizing the blog is a must do whether it is a personal blog or a business blog, after all, you need readers for the blog, isn’t it?

Optimizing blogs are little different from that of the regular website because most of the blogs run on standard platforms or run hosted blog in someone else’s domain name.

Let’s see some of the tips to optimize blogs for a better user experience

1. Creating a unique meta information


Meta information or metadata is used by the search engines to find out the nature of the content in the website page including blog post. If implemented diligently, search engine bot encounters its first while crawling through the page. So it is the first opportunity to tell the search engine about the content of the blog.

The most important part of metadata is the title and its description. Titles are brief lines that conclude the gist of the content. It is advised by SEO company in new york to use keywords on the titles used for the content and make sure they are small yet effective. The description is the short summary that is displayed under the title to explain the searcher about the kind of content they will come across by clicking on the link. Keywords should also be incorporated in the description.


2. Optimizing the content

Content is the soul of the blog hence the focus is on the content. Visitors will read blogs only if it adds value to their knowledge and is creative and engaging. It is also be kept in mind that proper keywords are to be used in the content to have greater visibility. Seo services in Denver suggest that while creating content in alignment with SEO, bloggers should not stuff it with excessive keywords as this would reduce the sense of the content for the readers and search engines may consider it as spam.

3.  Linking appropriately

It is recommended by best SEO company in Austin that content with relevant internal linking i.e connecting the pages within the website and external linking i.e connecting the content of the blog to another website with relevant information can increase the SEO.

4. Archives

Archives are a better way to prove authority in the niche. Visitors going through older post signifies the time frame of your blog and hence the authority gets proven. Additionally, old articles may attract the visitors more than the new one and they may want to come back to you for further insight. In terms of SEO, the archives are proven a way for search bots to navigate the whole site.

5. Optimizing image

Image used in blogs should also have a relevant title and description along with relevant keywords. Image description should highlight the content of the image and hyphens(-) should be used to separate two words. Usage of hyphens is SEO friendly and helps the search engine recognize the content easily.

6. Page URL

The page URL of the blog should be concise and descriptive. A page URL should only have hyphens and no underscore to differentiate between two words. Page URL should also contain the level of navigation in the domain. By doing this visitors can be helped to direct the location of the site. Like title tags, page URL description also creates a difference in keyword relevance and search ranking.

It is important that blogs continue to generate an article that is content rich and highly creative along with these factors keeping in mind. Remember the balance between the content and the SEO can help to bring new traffic and also satisfy the existent one.

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