Google is famous for having the rigorous update in the quest for providing best user experience to the visitors. The latest update in Google includes a framework called AMP i.e Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is introduced keeping in mind the better experience of the user’s surfing through mobile and also for businesses.


What is AMP and How can it be useful?

AMP provides your business access to technical components that are open source. These open sourced components improve the speed of the site and its user friendliness. The USP of AMP is that it retains the content as it is, without changing its form.

Using AMP on your website can provide an instant boost in the SEO because it is placed on highly visible Google News Carousel. Another benefit is that the loading time of the page will be minimum, which means the visitor bounce rate for slow page loading will definitely be negligible. Hence AMP reduces the bounce rate drastically and also stick the visitors by the website.

Testing for AMP compliance

Now that you know about the merits of AMP inclusion. You are now ready to do that but how to judge if the website is compliant or not?

On October 2016, Google announced an additional feature with its search console i.e AMP testing tool.

Put the AMP testing tool on work:

This SEO test website tool introduced by Google has made it easy to analyze the URL compliance. You have to simply go to AMP portion on the search console and enter your page. The next task is for Googlebot to check the validity of the page. It analyses the structure data of the page and the AMP markup. You can use AMP tool from your mobile phone browser.

AMP will point the errors that might be there on your page that is causing hindrance in compliance.

In case the tool finds the website page apt, it will generate a live preview of the link that demonstrates the look of the page when it appears in the search engine.


WordPress and AMP

If you use WordPress platform for your website, you can directly install the AMP plugin. Installation of AMP plugin will provide the ability of the page to get accelerated when viewed on mobile device. You can easily monitor the AMP of your website by AMP Toolbox plugin.

Google AMP is a must have feature for all small and medium businesses website because it provides their audience features such as fast loading, relevant content and easy accessibility. AMP also provides valuable SEO exposure.

Reading this post must have given you a jolt, right?

Is your website AMP compliant?


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