SEO 101: what is TNS?

In this part of the series I’d like to discuss a very real danger to your website coming from one or more of your competitors. Remember, all the great and sophisticated tools that you can now use all by yourself to analyze and pay attention to your rivals’ movements can be acted back upon you. This means all you do, they do it all the same.  In addition, you must do all your best with a help of a very good SEO affiliate marketing agency to make your website as safe and guarded as possible. Some of the attacks I include here are very eloquent, covert and requires a very good programmer with constant analytics to defend you against.

What is TNS?

TNS means Targeted Negative SEO and it’s exactly what it looks like. If one hires a coder to attack your website this or that way.  Let me show you some of the most commonly used ways for these attacks below:

  • Infection: this doesn’t need any explanation. Luckily it needs tons of expertise, effort and money to pull this. Another form of infection is to make similar websites to the rivals’, copy content on it and then infect these and post it all around the internet and social media.
  • Black bookmarking: creating tons of fake accounts in the name of the rival’s company, posting fake stuff, treating people bad, this all does extremely bad for a businesses’ reputation. This method is very cheap and I do think Facebook is smarter than that.
  • False duplicates: if a company’s website is being copied in such way that a coder or programmer will submit its changes before the original and has it indexed, than it will be the original website that will be regarded as a spam and will either lose ranking or will get shut down.
  • Tattling: This means the reporting of any other website for violation. Unfortunately this method works with a pretty high accuracy even if it’s only a lie.
  • Ban AdSense: if AdSense “senses” that one particular person clicks on the ads featured on a given website with a high frequency, it will instantly suspect that they do this on purpose and will suspend the account. AdSense is very easy to get suspended unfortunately.
  • 301 redirect trick: this is a complex one which involves the building of a spammy copycat website which you have done specifically for the very reason for it to get shut down. Then you just do 301 redirects from your website to the competitor’s website. So everyone who wants to visit it and they will meet a zero URL. This will bring down the original website’s rankings to zero.

Many of these methods are very sneaky and very ill willed. Therefore some of them require quite a big financial sacrifice and tons of efforts for making them in ways which never lead back to the original requestor. Get your system constantly checked, consult with reputation management firms on any possible legal actions and have all your pages optimized and guarded so you are prepared for any such attacks.

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