SEO 101: piracy

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In this chapter I would like to talk about a segment of Search Engine optimization which is not really discussed on any forums so far, therefore I thought to say a few words on this phenomenon and the most prominent signs of it. Let’s get started.

Piracy is a huge problem for all the people who are copyrighting their own content, let these be written materials, videos, photographs, artworks and just anything that’s someone’s intellectual property. There are tons of websites which deal with offering, buffering, streaming and torrenting stolen contents but this time around, we are talking about a different sort of piracy. This is more in connection to optimization

What do we mean on SEO piracy?

In terms of optimization, this can also be simply called as blackmailing and the methods are pretty straightforward. Those who do this initially start with the perception that no one’s conscience is crystal clear and work it. This means, if you have a well optimized, successful website online, you may receive an email from an unknown sender ( often looking very official) suddenly demanding you pay them a generally pretty high sum or they will ban you from Google or other engines, for whatever reason ( sometimes the reason is not even provided). Of course, there is a good knowledge behind what websites are targeted the most:  generally those who are pretty much using lots of money for extra advertising: via AdWords, social media accounts.

Sometimes not even the biggest companies or top digital marketing agencies are safe: pirates have even attempted to blackmail twitter to pay them a huge sum of money in return of them not starting Ddos attacks on their website.

The good thing in this is, that it’s pretty easy to shut down: sometimes these attacks are only vaguely targeted and the same blackmail emails are sent out to dozens or hundreds of companies in the same time. If you just delete this email of spam it you are likely not hearing about these attackers again. Others can make some top press release to draw awareness and attention to specific senders or email contents in their community.

SEO Hijacking:

Hijacking works with a method to find websites which are the „full package” in terms of optimization and success, steal their fully optimized keywords and this way hijack a big chunk of the targeted search which would normally go to this website.

Apart from piracy and hijacking which is also a subtype of the former, there are tons of ways your online content can be stolen, benefited from or threatened in another way. This is why it’s so important to be guarded and checked with high level security: and many companies offer that, in addition to optimization.

Business is all about the competition and the bigger you grow, the more protected you need to be, in order to make sure to avoid at least most of the black, gray or any negative techniques which can worsen your rankings. If you want to learn more about the methods for protection check it out online or with the help of an online security expert.

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