SEO 101: negative techniques revealed

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In this chapter I will give you a listing with an elaborate description on some of the most commonly used negative SEO techniques out there. And be aware this is not a story: it’s enough to have one rival in your area and one or more of these can actually be applied against you.

Let me add, that:

  • Most of these techniques are so covert that there is no way for Guidelines to include them. Others however are illegal (anything that’s targeting to actively tarnish someone’s reputation can be sued with a good reason).
  • This is in no way encouraging anyone to try these techniques
  • These techniques are done by experienced coders and programmers. You won’t have the capacity to perform any of these without the best SEO reseller program.

Let’s see some of the most prominently mentioned techniques, when it comes to negative optimizing and I thought to comprise a list out of these. Let me also add some of these are so tricky it took me some time to actually comprehend to what it does but I do my best to put the best explanation.

  • Google bowling: This technique is designed to remove a website from the rankings (SERP) and there are generally two key ways to achieve it.
  • Spam the site with bad backlinks of very spammy websites or get it connected with link farmed websites. This will first increase the website’s traffic to incredible levels, then Google will come in and will see the actual reason and will immediately took the site’s previous ranking away.
  • Find a page on a competitor’s website which has no title only dynamic link with page number (this is why you must name every single one of your pages differently) because a good programmer will get this URL and recreate it to dozens of other URLs which look very similar but not the same: all of which contain the same page content to yours. Google will instantly deem this spammy and will rid you of all your rankings (even your website can be shut down).
  • DOS: this is a very elaborate attack which requires some real pro hackers to bring it through so you are not likely to experience this. Ddos attack is the bombarding of a website with so many requests that the website eventually reaches its level and loses contact with the internet. This is also dangerous because it uses viruses and it’s carried out by bots.
  • AdWords fraud: another very dirty one is to simultaneously click on PPC ads of your competitor to use up their budget.
  • Insulation: this is a very indirect way upon which a competitor will not directly attack another one but will praise and work up the rankings of a 3rd party which sells similar products very high.

Unfortunately some of these methods are pretty easy to carry out. You need a very good team of SEO analysts and a top 10 link building software to have all your website protected and guarded alongside the optimization work and you need to have one or more killer software to detect any irregularities that go on in the background.

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