Google AdWords are sometimes difficult to understand and use. Adwords revolves around buying keyword clicks for real time. Buying real time keyword click is a difficult task in itself hence it should be done by the professionals.

There are much reason for people quitting the use of Adwords. The prominent one is, people do not find it useful for their business, however, their competitors are using it. The reason behind AdWords not being used is because people are not aware of the tools that can help them achieve their business goal. However, there are certain best practices that can be used for AdWords which we will discuss later.

For now, 10seos bring to you reasons behind people getting deflected from the usage of AdWords

  • Focus on short tail keywords

The biggest reason for people quitting AdWords is by focusing on short trail keywords that tend to yield a fewer profit. People invest on high-risk keywords with low profitability while they should consider high profitability, low risk long tailed keywords. Long tail keywords are specific and descriptive, have fewer competition hence the conversion level is high.

  1. No strategy

Most marketers do not plan before getting in AdWords. It is very important to know the audience you want to target, what is the targeted keywords that are frequently used and much more. Before jumping on AdWords, it is better to understand the audience with the help of search bots and then strategise a plan . if you are already running the AdWords campaign begin auditing now, to analyze its working.

  1. More focus on ROI and not on goals.

Sometimes there is a discrepancy in the ROI and actually attainable goal. Adwords is a great tool to measure the sale and leads through Google analytics or Google AdWords. However, we see that it create a measurability problem. People have the wrong idea for ROI. in order to calculate the ROI effectively, you need to consider the whole journey of the customer.

  1. Landing pages do not convert

The landing pages of the websites are meant to be converting users but it does not convert. If the there is too much information, hard to find call to action or not getting the information that they intend too. After you buy keywords, make sure to offer content that is needed by the users. Otherwise, it is difficult to convert users despite keyword purchase.

To convert the landing page make sure:

  • It explains the offering in the first three seconds.
  • Does the offering match with what searchers expect
  • Do the visitor are directed towards conversion.

If you follow these steps, you can definitely convert your AdWords traffic.

  1. No optimization of account

This is a big problem because people are not aware of the tools in Adwords. There are many strategies that can be used to save money and make your campaign more effective. Hire a professional to help you to manage their campaign and keep up with the trend.

Google adword is a technical based platform. It should be monitored by professionals so that its full potential can be harnessed. And yes it is quite effective, you can see by yourself in the Google searches. The initial ads in the search results are all part of adwords that are doing good business. You may use classified advertising in the sites like backpage.com yet adwords are very much effective and popular.

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