There are many ways in which you can get your winning position for online business, one of them is promotion. Promotion is an important element of marketing because it conveys your business presence to your targeted customers.Paid advertising is the most frequent and reliable source for acquiring traffic for your businesses and earn million bucks. Paid advertising has an important impact on SEO as well.

When we consider paid advertising option Facebook and Google adwords are the broader names that get highlighted. Studies predict that Facebook has 3 million active advertiser. This is due to the capability of targeting huge number of users , growth of mobile etc.

When it comes to Google adwords it is having 17% increase in income every year. Growth in Google adwords revenue is due to growth of mobile, shopping and other ad formats.

So which one to choose?

10seos is here to solve your dilemma by this article that enlist several factors that can help to decide the one.

Let us begin!


  • Digital advertising budget and average cost per click


In most of the cases, the click through rate is more for Google adwords and less for facebook ads. Therefore, we can see that the Facebook ads are 88% more cheaper than Google adwords. Hence if you have a budget constraint, it would be beneficial to run Facebook ads. Being cheaper medium does not compromise the result obtained from the promotion. Facebook ads can also show better results in terms of clicks and conversion.


  • According to your industry and competition


If you hire any promotion business expert for your paid advertisement expect him to give reason behind selecting one platform over the other. It is important to select the medium of paid advertising on the basis of your industry and the level of competition.


  • Defining objective


Once you have the knowledge about the organization capacity and your industry and competition, the next thing is to determine the objective of your marketing initiative. If your goals is to increase brand awareness or demand generation, Facebook ads are best to capture. However, if you are looking for generating sales or leads then Google Adwords is the answer to all. In adword searches, the users is searching for something your organization is selling hence they have better intent to make purchase decision. But before you consider any of them consider the cost. When any platform is randomly selected without any proper goal analysis, then chances are organization do not earn results. You can have audit for your paid advertising to combat your loss going furthur.


  • Stages of buyer’s journey


Understanding the user position in buyer’s journey helps us to determine the platform for advertising. If you happens to capture the users in the moment of looking to purchase a product then adwords is the platform while if you intend to increase the brand awareness than Facebook ads are the best one to go for.


  • Demographic sensitive products/ service


If the product or services strongly relates to specific life events, then actually Facebook is the best option to consider. Facebook has strong targeting capacity such as it can target based on the life events also. For example, if you want to target 60 year old person or couple with newborn baby then Facebook ads have the ability to do it based on the life events.

There are many factors that we consider for deciding between adword or Facebook ads. We have listed some of the easy ones here. Hope it can help you.


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