Negative SEO 101: the essentials

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There hasn’t been much talk about negative SEO services Las Vegas as a separate entity so far, it’s rather something that’s being mentioned as either part of Black hat or Grey Hat techniques and of course there is logic to it. But after learning about many of its techniques I came to the decision to talk about it as an alone standing set of tools.

Let me also add, that this is in no way a promotion or praising of these techniques, more of an informational material to see what can happen and what does happen, when you spot something extraordinary going on with your rankings or reputation. Remember internet is a place where lots of things that people do can remain invisible.

Let’s see some of the reasons:

  • By causing harm to someone’s reputation it will logically show us appear in a better light – until someone else does this for us of course.
  • To hide some of the bad things or news on one’s own company.
  • Causing harm of the rival’s site ranking: this is very hard to spot but it can have pretty bad consequences for any website. And there are so many ways to do this unfortunately.
  • Many of the Negative techniques are techniques people cannot find out about, especially when it comes to some of the sneakier ones.
  • Most of these techniques can be done in absolute secrecy therefore they cannot be enlisted in Google’s Guidelines on the things not to do.
  • Many of these are unethical but there are fields with tons of online and offline competition.
  • All the analyst tools you can now use to keep an eye on your competition: are equally used to watch you.
  • Personal reasons: unfortunately there are tons of people who are online for all the bad reasons. They are also often called trolls and if they feel they have anything against you, they can do harm to your business.

Some of the tools can be called downright harmful while others are more long haul processes. The good thing in this is, that most businesses are actually too busy to work their marketing and optimization and simply have no time to play these games. However once you spot some of these happen to you without any reason, then be on the lookout and know that it’s probably a rival going at you.

Let’s see some of the most prominently mentioned techniques, when it comes to negative optimizing and I thought to comprise a list out of these:

    • Google bowling
    • Promote non offensive content
    • Insulation
    • Infection
    • Get a site banned
    • Black bookmarking
    • False duplicates
    • Tattling

I suggest you to keep your website and ratings under a strict check for you to see if there is something extraordinary going on, in which case hire the best accomplished SEO services Las Vegas you can find, to find out what happened and make the necessary steps to get your website back up the rankings, all protected.

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