Best Tips To Perform SEO Audit For Website

Best Tips To Perform SEO Audit For Website

Since the procedure and practices of the Search Engine Optimization to rank the website changes after every fixed time,  it is essential for businesses to audit the website frequently to know which adjustment is needed to be made.because if the website is not optimized properly, more are the chances that it will lose the significant amount of traffic from its website.

Whether you are looking for the adjustments to be made in your existing website or planning to re-launch your website,  remember to audit your website for SEO,  at least twice or thrice in a year.


Examine on page optimization

On-site changes are the best way to improve the SEO of your website. It might take a time to generate high-quality backlinks, but it helps very quickly to perform best SEO practices for the website. Think about the various weaknesses which need improvement. Ask yourself few essential questions, such as:

  1. Are your title tags is able to influence your visitors? Are they keyword stuffed?
  2. Does your headline contain relevant keywords?
  3. Does including h1 tags influence ranking of your website?
  4. Does your meta description appeal your customers?
  5. Is your website contains fresh and original content?
  6. Are your images optimize properly?


Look for the dead or broken links

If your site contains any broken link or dead pages, it is necessary to remove them immediately from your website. These kinds of problems could impact the SEO performance of your site in a negative sense.

If your website is built on eCommerce platform, you can use various online tools to check this problem automatically that your site needs to be resolved.


Ensure that your website can be indexed by search engines

Once you know that now your site does not contain any broken link which could lower the ranking of your site, it is necessary that the automated programs could easily access your website.

Any issue could prevent search crawlers to read the content on your site properly, whether it be incorrectly installed code file or hacked content of the website.  If you find that you can read the text well on your website well, then web spiders can also do.


Analyze link profile of your website and compare it with your competitors

Once you determine you have finished all the above on-site elements successfully, analyze your backlink profile carefully. How to use backlinks in seo is one of the major SEO factors because the number of backlinks pointing towards your website affects a lot of performance of content in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Make sure to observe the following things:

  1. Which kind of links does your site has received
  2. Whether your site is gaining reputable links or not
  3. Whether those links are related and relevant to the content of your site or not


Examine the speed of your site

Analyze the time taken by your site to load any specific web page and average speed of your website as well. Google mark the page speed as one of the major aspects to rank any website in search results.

You can use online tools to determine the speed of your site, such as Page Insight Tool of Google, where you simply have to insert the URL. this tool also provides suggestions to improve your website.

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