How best to spot negative SEO?

There are open and invisible methods, but some of the open methods can in fact be spotted and this way they also can be acted upon. Deliberate harm on reputation can be considered illegal in the United States so, you can use some of these steps to actually work out what’s going on and even who’s doing it.

For some methods you will need the assistance of an expert SEO or  top email marketing services these are generally those which need multiple tools.

But let’s see some of the key red flags:

  • All of a sudden one or more bad/negative reviews pop up from people you never  heard of before
  • These people will not ease up no matter how nicely you treat them. Mostly they won’t even react
  • Your website traffic will suddenly become sky high! You are so happy you forget to check what the reason is for this sudden success – until Google fully removes you from rankings
  • Your rankings start to drop all of a sudden.
  • Your bouncing rate starts to show a growing percentage out of the blue
  • Spammy websites are commenting or backlinking to you
  • Your AdSense will ban you and you don’t know why
  • Your budget on AdWords will get emptied within a very short time.

As Analytic tools can often lead a coder or programmer back to the original person who actually devised one or more of these attacks the following will happen:

  • Your website may lose all its ranking
  • You will lose a large number of followers
  • You will lose tons of your reputation
  • Your website might get shut down

That’s why you need a good team who keeps your website under constant check and in case there’s anything out of the line, they can react and look for the reasons as to why that happened.  It’s also wise to install a couple of the best software for SEO to keep a check on any possibly attacks, spams or viruses.

How to defend yourself from many of the attacks through guidance and optimization:

  • Daily check on all your accounts and their movements
  • Have an optimization expert go through every single page and give them separate content and URL names that contain a key description on what the page content is about. This way it’s much harder to copy.
  • Be quick, when rebranding or refreshing content have it published as soon as possible
  • Daily check on the analytics by an expert and instant reaction to every suspicious movement
  • Constant check on links, backlinks, copied content, mentions.

Unfortunately there is not many ways to stop many of the attacks enlisted above. If your expert sees sudden growth or spam websites linking to you or copied content, the most that can be done is to report these right away as psyching spams. A very good programmer can find out who’s the one spamming you, but it takes time, money and will not get you to your rival only to another coder. Which means it’s a long, expensive and tiresome project to actually do that. Rather make sure you are watched, protected and avoid any of the upper mentioned techniques altogether.

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