Google algorithms give high importance to backlinking and the result is marketers only thrive to build link for betting better search ranking. It is true that quality link building carry enormous importance and helps to reach the website at an high ranking.

But the link building has many significant facets that poses equal importance. Although marketers always want to do backlinking to earn better search traffic and ranking but certainly link building has many other purposes to look for. There are many bizarre myths related to link building that are also prevalent among marketers.

10seos always work behind providing valuable information to its reader and moving ahead in this series we bring to you benefits of link building apart from earning SEO benefits.

Let us discuss some of them:

  • Referral links

According to a research done, search engine direct around 47% of the online traffic. This study shows that maximum number of traffic our independent from search engine ranking. The study also talks about the social referral that constitute 15% of the internet traffic. The study signifies that it not only search engine that direct traffic to your website. A well placed link on a authority site can direct a lot amount referral traffic. Never to underestimate the value of a good click but search traffic have better importance than referral links. You can take referral link as a blessing in disguise.

  • Branding

Apart from using backlinking for ranks, it can also be used for branding purposes. Links are not only viewable to search engine but also for viewers hence it can be used for branding or marketing purpose. Consumers trust the established brands and hence along with keywords and white noise anchor, branded anchor should be part of your link profile. In this way, forced brand name as an anchor is an easy way to get your name more frequent in your users.

  • Authority

Among many factors that decide link value, authoritarian links stands in priority. Linking to an authoritarian site helps to increase your credibility and trust factor in mind of user as well as for search engine. Hence linking to any authoritarian and relevant website or directory can give you additional success.

  • Relationship building

Link building is part of the relationship building. If your are linking without building relationship then definitely you are loosing a lot more. It is always easy to build link when you already have a healthy relationship within your niche industry. The best part of relationship building is, it leads to the visibility of the brand.

  • Promotion

If you have a valuable content and if you do not promote, it will never reach to people. Yes, social media is an amazing platform for promotion and it does have indirect on the ranking but that does not mean that you will not build link for your promotional efforts. Social media shares has tendency to get buried in some time but link building stays for a quiet a long time. If you have important product launch your can link to any press release site and get traffic.

We hope this post can give you better understanding in backlinks. To have more information and assistance, feel free to contact us at 10seos.


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