Google has been giving a lot of influence in mobile first indexing to make the mobile and app usage even more friendly for the users.

Mobile apps have a key influence in the mobile internet usage. It facilitates users to reach to the desired content directly without going through the mobile browser. Whenever we use mobile Google search, chances are the search result shows opening content in an app. This is due to the app indexing that avail app in Google searches.

To know more about app indexing and how to get your app get better indexed by Google, 10seos has come up with his informative post.

10seos always work towards providing the benefit of information to marketers to perform better in their respective businesses.

Let us begin!

What is App Indexing?

To create an engaging mobile app needs a lot of dedication and expertise. However, these careful app creation is not for use if it is not indexed by search engine. Google introduced App indexing so that people can directly reach to the content by clicking on the link directing to a specific app on the mobile search result. If you do not have the app, you will be offered the option to download the app from the play store.

What is the benefit?

App indexing plays a crucial role and provides various benefit for the users as well as for the webmasters. As a user, the benefit is, one click leads to the respective app without much hassle. At the same time tips for the other key apps are found without search the app store. There are hundreds of app available in a particular niche, getting found among them is the tough task. App indexing get you the organic traffic for the app, also the extent of app content availed by Google is seen by the fact that Google can provide perfect mobile search result from the app search.

Increased use of app can provide better brand loyalty. If your app provides all the necessary information to the users and taps all the micro moments for better mobile SEO,your profit will be very high from your app.

How to get my app indexed?

Get your indexed in just 5 simple step

  1. Specify the internet filter to create a deep link to your app content.
  2. Add data tags to let the app content open directly on the search results
  3. Test the deep link
  4. Add rel= “alternate” tag on your website with the deep link of the correspondent app. Do not forget to add the same tag to your XML sitemap.
  5. Activate app indexing in your mobile app.

Point to note: if you have the android based app, you can go through Google search console to know about the indexing error in the app. This will require you register the app in the search console like you do for the website.

Google optimization is a necessity for websites as well as for mobile app. Without getting properly optimized and indexed by Google, it is difficult to make the app reach to the potential customers.

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