Link building has always been in practice to get effective SEO. Similar to SEO, link building also require a specific time and strategy to fetch better results. Google uses backlinks to analyse the popularity and quality of the websites while ranking them on SERPs. But all links are not a qualified mean to earn SEO.

The quality of links obtained is very important. In organic SEO techniques for link building,a URL with high DA is considered best for earning high quality backlinks. Earning high quality backlinks are a necessity because Google consider the quality of links as an important factor to rank the website higher in search results.

There is also a huge difference between link building strategy for big brands and for smaller brand. Bigger brands have huge number of followers while smaller brands have fewer followers. There are many steps that can be implemented in a month to get link building of the website but they differ in practice. For example, content marketing and promotion is the best and the easiest way to gain links for bigger brands but not that easy for smaller brands.

The outreach for smaller and bigger brand vary a lot from each other. It is better to analyse the whole process before anybody jumps on the process.

10seos always try to make marketers updated and solve all their queries that they posses in digital marketing sphere. Here’s the list of six modern link acquisition technique that should be beneficial:

  • Infographics creation and promotion

Infographics are an important way to generate powerful link profile. An infographics should be created in way that should satisfy the needs of the targeted customers and answer all their queries. You can use tools like Ahrefs to analyse the competitor’s infographic, analyse the shortcomings and then create your own.

Once the infographic is designed, you can post it in your blog, slideshare or in any relevant site. You can also use email outreach, social media marketing and advertising, Newsletter, display advertising etc.

When the content is available in so many mediums and if it is popular then chances are people automatically link to you.

  • Gifographic creation and promotion

Like infographic, Gifographics can also be created.Gifographics are animated version of content. You use these in your blog posts or in websites. When you use Gifographics and make the code available for other people to use, chances are they automatically link back to you blog or website.
After gifographics are created you can use same technique for promotion as of infographic.

  • Long form of content

Content is the most important factor for generating links for the website. Make sure that your content generated should be qualitative and can be shared on social media. Second important factor is use keyword phrases that you are targeting. After a relevant content is generated, you do social media marketing, advertising, email outreach etc to promote your content.

  • Podcasts

This is yet another powerful tool because they can provide powerful link to your website and they usually enjoy good amount of social media shares.

  • Content mention(HARO)

Help a reporter out or HARO is a great way to earn credible link from big publications. But for this you need a reporter that equally needs you and your niche should not be very competitive. You can reach the reporters, if you think you can provide a valuable info to them.

  • Guest blogging

This is the best way to gain high quality inbound links. Guest posting enables you to write in other publications and promote your brand.

There are many strategies of link building available, technique mentioned above is just a glimpse. Follow us to learn more about link building at 10seos.

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