Google is always updating itself. The layout of SERPs have faced makeover from last 2016 for example, there are four adword result at the top of every search results, searches matching the page title are no longer used, featured snippets are used and many more changes are made.

So what can we expect for 2017?

Google has confirmed that mobile first index of results and the website will be penalized for using adverts pop up while the website is loading. But apart from these, there are many factors that can be included to reach at the top of the SERPs.

10seos always work behind adding a value to the present knowledge of the marketers and making them aware about the present situation that can help them get better results. Here are some factors to consider.

1. Page Loading Speed

In the Google updates, it has been made clear that due to increase in mobile usage, the loading time of the website is crucial. As far as ranking is concern, a website that has fast loading page tend to earn better position in SERP because faster loading time gives better user experience. Google has many tools that can help you analyse the website’s loading time. We recommend to take the loading time seriously.

2. Local

Location based searches have been prominent in search results because people use mobile extensively for Google searches. This indicate that, it is very important that business should register themselves in Google My Business to get easily found in SERPs. Even if you have global business yet if you cater local users then definitely register yourself. Ensure that NAP is consistent and correct in the Google My Business.

3. Featured snippet

Featured snippets are extensively these days in search results and we expect even more rise towards the end of 2017. Featured snippets appear above the organic results carrying link from the source. Featured snippets appears in the searches that are made in the form of questions. To get featured in the snippet, one should have a content in the form of question and an in depth answer for the question as well. If you want to know more about the opportunity and obstacle in featured snippet, then read the related post at 10seos.

4. Mobile first index

Because mobile usage has increased so extensively, there is no dilemma that Google will start valuing mobile searches more than desktop. This means, if you want to make the Google love your website then make sure that the websites are better mobile optimized. A mobile optimized website should have a responsive design, quick in loading,easy navigation and the content need not to be zoomed. Google has lot of handy tool to clearly show if the website is mobile optimized or not.

5. Pop ups can reduce the ranking

Google penalize the websites that have annoying popups while website loading. They have taken this step to improve the user experience on the website. Since majority of the users are using mobiles to login, these popups can create a lot of disturbance for the users. Hence Google rank such sites low.

6. Content

The easiest way to rank well is through qualified content. After the panda algorithm, it is necessary to use quality, interesting and user friendly content. You website should have content that answers the queries of the targeted audience.

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