Emotion has a predominate role in the buying behaviour of the customers. There are many decision that are taken just because we connect to them on an emotional basis. Since emotion has such a grave effect on customers, we can use it for our marketing purpose with the help of influencers.

Influencers marketing has several advantages in digital marketing. Along with that, it is also a powerful medium to connect to the potential customers on an emotional bond. Researches also prove that people trust on the recommendation of people they trust before they buy a product.

10seos always work behind providing an in depth knowledge about various aspects of marketing field, to help marketers gain good return from their investments. This post intend to give some tips on influencer marketing.

Let us begin!

Influencer marketing is the next best things to look or in digital marketing arena. It has high potential for attracting customers because it facilitates an emotional bond between the buyers and the brands. Influencers are usually trusted and followed by people hence enjoy a strong reach.

  1. Do not only target bigger influencers

The biggest mistake committed by marketers, is in choosing the right influencer. If your target to increase the awareness of the brand then probably bigger influencers can help but if it is about establishing emotional bond then you are not choosing the right one. Emotional bond can be created by mid level influencers. They can be bloggers or youtubers with a good amount of followings. The USP of mid level influencers is, they have time to engage with their followers. Some may indulge in answering all the questions asked by their followers. When you look for influencer, give priority to those having better engagement level rather than a big fan following.

  1. Give rewards to brand advocates

In marketing, anybody can be an influencers. People who are already your customers and provide valuable reviews should be considered as brand advocates. Such brand advocates should be awarded that can facilitate them to promote their liking for your brand among their friends and family. You can provide them exclusive offer or may feature them in your social blogs. Influencers have a strong fan following hence if they give review for the product, it becomes widely popular.

  1. Let them talk

An influencer knows very well about the likings of their followers. Therefore, it is better to let the influencer talk about the brand in their own style and create buzz rather prompting them and reducing their natural charm. Another reason the followers of the influencers are aware of the pattern of the content generation hence any discrepancy can make it look like a promotional gig.

  1. Become a storyteller

One of the effective way to establish an emotional bond is through storytelling. The story can be about the product or on the users of the product. It is important to make people understand that there is something amore to the product that is promoted. Influencer does this well by narrating the story in a way that attract their followers. In this way we assume that influencers also promote SEO because they generate traffic for the brand.

  1. Host Contest and Giveaways

Ask the influencer to host a contest on behalf of your brand. When people have chances to win something, automatically they start associating much more than ever. You can also promote your contest through your influencer

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