There can be many methods to improve the growth of your business but it is the customers which is capable of taking your business to a greater heights.  Digital marketing landscape is fiercely competitive, customers are prone to switch from one brand to another. The only way to grab them for your brand is giving them a unique experience. Visual contents are an interesting way to grab the attention of the audience and increase their engagement level as well. We can use videos, images, GIFs in our online marketing and convey better to your audience.

The recent trend in visual content marketing indicate that there have been a spurt in video traffic and experts believe that 90%  of web traffic will be going for video content.

Looking into the growing importance of visual marketing, 10seos has brought this post to educate our marketers about the benefit of visual marketing. Since visual marketing is a dynamic zone, there are lot many trends to follow in visual marketing for better growth in business.

Here are some ways that can be incorporated to beat the competition by visual marketing:


  • Show the real side of your company


If you look into popular games like pokemon go, you can easily understand the strategy they used to attract customers with them. The basic need is to connect your readers and make them highly engaged with your company. This can be done by many ways like, you can use your Facebook timeline to depict your company’s history visually. You can also use the pictures and videos of your team members working to give customers their desired results. Such kind of visual representation strike a chord with the audiences and they start connecting with the company on an emotional basis as well.


  • Visual representation eliminate language barriers


Visual elements are popular and authentic way to remove the language barrier and appeal to a mass audiences. If you look around, you can find many successful companies are using visual elements in their storytelling rather than using language which can restrict them into a geographical area.


  • Visuals are fun


Visual content has the capacity to break the monotony of information. People grasp and share visual content more because along with giving them information, they are also adding a fun element in the whole process. Videos and images that are capable to attract customers will cover the market even more. Thus, you can expect that the prominence of visual marketing will increase to a greater height.


  • Having the potential to get viral


Visuals has a capacity to make your brand go viral in the market. You can take example of ice bucket challenge or other similar ones.  While creating a visual marketing campaign make sure to make your content hypersocial, extremely memorable and definitely fun. You can also use infographics which is again a very powerful type of content that has a potential of going viral.


  • Use a range of visual content


Videos and images can be used in a multiple form to depict the ideology of your company or your brand. You can choose among customer tutorials, demonstrations, explainer videos, how to videos, etc. Using a wide array of visual content will lead to better engagement in customers.


Visual marketing is an important tool to enhance digital marketing. If your marketing metrics for 2017 is ready, make sure to create a room for visual marketing in it and gain as much benefit as you can.


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