Social media has come up as a powerful marketing platform in the last couple of years. Among some of the prominent ways to earn success in online marketing, social media has its due share. Social media is popular because of its widespread reach and low cost involvement. The biggest benefit of social media marketing lies in the fact that it is instrumental in creating brand loyalty and getting the customers better involved with the brand.

But like any other thing, it too has its share of drawbacks. If you opt for a platform that is not suitable for your business, you end being in loss.

10seos has brought this post to make you aware and avoid some of the biggest mistakes that are committed by B2B marketers.


  1. Investing resources in the wrong platform


Building a robust social media presence is a vital need for all kind of businesses. But it is highly important to concentrate the efforts on a platform that can yield better result by targeting your intended customer base. If you are confused then start with Facebook for non professional customers and for professionals, the best is Linkedin which ensures better engagement of b2b customers. Facebook has by far the largest reach among people. Approx 66% of population login to facebook daily. Hence there are high chances that you can find your targeted prospects there.

  1. Having confined definition of social media marketing

Marketers usually believe that having a strong business page on different social media sites is the purpose of social media marketing. Due to this narrow approach, businesses tend to lose the benefit of engagement with the users, reach, create community and drive traffic. There were many social media predictions that are made for 2017. Adhering to these predictions can give better benefit to your business. Here’s the list of some social media tactics aligning with the predictions that should be followed by b2b organizations:

  • Using Linkedin showcase pages to highlight top product and services and drive traffic directly
  • Create an active user community for better engagement
  • Publish optimized content in the form of images and videos.
  1. Doing it once and then THE END

Social media platforms runs with valuable content. However many b2b organizations suffer in generating frequent quality content to continue the engagement of the users. A typical shelf life of a content on Twitter is 20 minutes, on Facebook approx one hour hence it is important to post content frequently.

  1. Avoiding new content formats

To excel in social media marketing, marketers should be well skilled. Out of many pre requisite factors for excellence, content generation is one of them. You have try your hand in different formats of the content, to establish a connection and a lasting impression in the mind of the customers.

  1. Not paying

To reach the existing followers and new audience within your targeted market, you need to do some investment in advertising or sponsored content.

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