Adding extra information in the search results has been always attracted the attention of the users. Google has taken this interest quotient even a step further by offering users their purchase history in search result with the help of “recent purchase feature” of Google. The basic idea of rich snippets is to provide a basic information to users, to help them choose the links that suit closest to their need.

Depending on the nature of the content, this extra information may have site navigation, breadcrumbs, customer reviews and much other information.

Despite the frequent use of rich snippets, there are still misconceptions that are prevailing. 10seos has brought a list of factors that marketers are not still aware of:

  • Rich cards are not rich snippets

Rich cards are the next step big step after rich snippets but rich snippets are far different from the rich cards. Both of them use structured markup data to produce the effect on SERP. These features can be regarded as important indirect ranking factors. The function of both features is not at all identical. Rich cards are mostly shown in search results for mobile searches, search results in English and movie and recipe results. Rich cards are meant to enhance the mobile user search experience by providing a preview of top search results. While rich snippets are applicable to almost all content type and they are displayed in search results. Hence even if you are not on the top of search results, you can still attract traffic.

  1. Rich snippets indirectly affect ranking

Rich snippets such as featured snippets, review snippets cannot directly affect ranking but indirectly increases the SEO of the website. Factors like bounce rate, click through rate etc are an important factor for ranking and rich snippets increase to user engagement hence positively affect SEO for the website. With rich snippets, the user is well informed before going through the websites. They may even view the reviews given by people through review snippet that help them choose the most trustworthy site.

  1. Google can disable rich snippet for your site in some cases

Google loves structured data but avoids spammy data. A website that uses spammy structured data can be canceled and can be given manual penalty by Google.

Hence make sure that you use the appropriate type of structured data type for your content. Google show different rich snippets depending upon the nature of the content. Google structured testing tool can help you to understand whether you are using right code for your website and help with tips to improve.

  1. Google offer three tools to help with structured data for rich snippets

Building data and marking structured data is a difficult task. To help you do this effectively, Google has three tools to check your structured data.

  1. Structured data report: Google search console provide structured data report that identifies the structured data on the website. This will help to check which the type of structured data have errors, find the specific error and offer to fix the error markup in your site. It also verifies, if the updated markup is correct or not.
  2. Data Highlighter: This tool helps Google to understand structured data of your website better by allowing to tag field by highlighting them by mouse. In this way, Google can know more about your site and present it better in SERP.
  3. Structured data testing tool: This tool helps webmasters develop, test and modify the structured data. You can use fetch URL function to test structured data markup exist on a given URL.

Rich snippets are able to give you better visibility to the website, f you use structured data carefully. So make sure to use tools that are given by Google for getting better structured data.

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