You will lose the War if Local SEO is Not on Your Mind Right Now

local seo

“One-third of the mobile searches is local”

This clearly shows the importance of local optimization. While many businesses are working to make a global presence, they often ignore the local searches which are dominating the mobile searches today. It is already tough to bring the audiences to the online store which is much convenient, bringing them to the brick and mortar store is even tougher. This may be the reason why many businesses do not care much about the local SEO. When they hire SEO Agencies, they do not want them to waste time on local targeting, instead, they want an online dominance.

The scenario, however, is going to change. In the mobile-first world, nearby searches are growing faster. It is necessary to bring the point-of-sales back in the house. Local SEO does not require anything out-of-the-box, you have to follow the technique that works the best for you. You have to look in the past, and see what techniques you used which brought customers in. If you have many local branches, it is necessary that you employ the local people for the managing. They know all about the requirement of the area and the preferences of the people living there. Let us know some more good tactics to be followed for the local SEO.

# For local SEO, as told before, there should be a local touch, people of the area should feel belonging. Do not use the same landing page content for all the local branches, converting the online traffic into foot traffic is tough and not being unique makes it even tougher.

# Since local searches are for the mobile phones specifically, there is no need to say that your web or app should load fast, it should have correct fonts, graphics, and call-to-action. The loading time is also a ranking factor that affects your position in the search engine.

# Clean up your link database, see if any links are broken and leading to the 404 error. The broken links affect the user-experience and your audience will bounce off if you are not quick in fixing these links. If the decayed link is not relevant now, you can simply remove it and do not forget to use 301 redirects.

# While many businesses think that keyword use is a spammy technique, it is still helpful to make your content recognizable. Use keywords in the title tags, URL, H1 tags etc. H1 tags help the Google bots to index the data better and retrieve relevant results.

# Highlight the local work experience and the geographical details of the area on your landing page. You can also include the customer interviews and the testimonials. Using your employee’s profile is a pretty good idea too. People relate to these things more.

# Try to get links from the local businesses, they need not have a high authority in the Google search results but the relevance of the both of the businesses is a must. The products that you two sell must be complementary and your audiences should be the same. This helps you get visits from outside your website.

# Reviews are the most important thing that shapes the future of a business. Not only provide a space to your audiences to write, you should mention these reviews everywhere you can. Your audiences would trust the verdict of a fellow shopper more than yours. Make sure to reply back to solve the complaints.

# Keep the Google+ and Google My Business page updated. The information that Google maps show on the search results page is picked from your My Business page. Google maps are the most widely used app that searchers use for nearby searches, you do not want to miss a spot in Google Maps.

# Promote your content and your brand on the social media. While organic traffic is good, you do not want to lose the customers based on the recommendations.

# keep the keyword search going and target the new opportunities. The searching styles of the users change over time and it is necessary to keep up the pace. Link building should never stop even when you are getting enough customers.

# Market offline as well. You can organize some community events or sponsor a competition in the specific area. This would give your brand an exposure and you can beat your competition.

You can also hire local SEO services for the purpose. These people are the experts and they can place you at the place on the search results which you deserve.

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