Understanding the Top Mysteries of SEO

Top Mysteries of SEO

SEO could be confusing even for the highly expert SEO consultants. There are thousands of factors which could help in getting more leads, but those factors keep on changing frequently.

You might have experienced it several times that you are implementing the best practices, but all of sudden you experience the disruption in the progress. Check out the most common mysteries of SEO with the best solutions.

Why did the traffic drop all of sudden?

You might have experienced that all your strategies were working well, then all of a sudden, your organic traffic begin to decline. What could be the reason for that?

Well, that could depend on how intense the fall was. If there a little decline, then there is nothing much to worry about. It might need index refreshment, or a new competition in the market, or any other factor.

But if your traffic falls severely, then this is a serious issue. Google penalty could probably be one of the reasons for the sudden fall of your website.

Also, check for the bad inbound links. Recent changes in the content can also be the reason or search for the latest Google updates.

Why your web pages aren’t showing on the search result?

If you are not able to see your web pages on the search result, this means your site has not been indexed yet. If your website is new, it will take the time to indexed your content. You can also submit an XML sitemap to speed up the process, by using the search console.

Moreover, if your site isn’t new, check robots.txt files. Robots.txt files help in SEO practices to a great extent, so that you can come to analyze that you don’t have blocked the spiders to crawl your web pages accidents. Search for any of the crawl error on Google search console.

Why does your website ranking keep on changing?

It is quite obvious to see some fluctuations in the ranking of your website, in fact, if your ranking is not fluctuating, then it is a matter of stress. Fix up a schedule, such as once or twice in a week to check your ranking.

However, if the ranking is changing tremendously, the issue is, you are implementing an inconsistent strategy in your SEO campaign.

Why aren’t your SEO results going better?

If you have started implementing the SEO strategies to boost the ranking of your website, then remember that SEO is a long-term process, and need consistent efforts. SEO includes so many ranking factors that you have to wait for months to see your results since SEO practices are directly related to your niche, budget as well as competition.

If you are implementing various SEO strategies in the correct direction from few months, and still not seeing any better result, consider increasing your budget. High budget, will eventually provide you greater volume, and high quality.

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