Truth Behind ‘SEO is DEAD’!


Gone were the days when Google dominated the Internet market because hardly few people search for anything on Yahoo! Or Bing. Since the change in the trend, social media and many other factors have to take the challenges.

If your business skills rely on the traditional Google strategies, it’s the time to modify your approaches and keep an eye on the emerging trends, so that your business don’t take an unexpected turn.

#Reason: 1. Organic Reach is Down

Though Google is still leading above every other search engine, and most of the traffic was generated through the Google only, but the mind of customers has been changed from past few years. The primary reason for this is, organic SEO Mean is down. It implies a number of people who have been through your post, using unpaid methods. The reason why it is down is, people are now searching for some other places.

Consumers know the fundamental difference among sponsored listings as well as organic listings. That’s why they get confused and avoid clicking on paid ads, despite having the best information material. Since competition has risen tremendously, controlling results  through prices on advertisements and mixing information to give users through organic search, has lead users to search for the result to, where they could get a confirmation by taking decisions after viewing opinions

#Reason: 2. People wants what their friends have

Nowadays, barely few people will type their search queries on Google to get an answer, in fact, they trust more what other people are saying them back. This has now become the new trend of searching something. Especially social media, which has become the largest threat to Google, since it includes search options as well. Nowadays, when the user wants to go to a restaurant, they will look for the reviews and opinions from someone they know. People care what their friends like or which restaurant they went to. Either they will search on their mobile phones. That’s why making the website mobile friendly is must for SEO campaign.

#Reason: 3. Mobile apps & social networks take the market share

This is the generation of Instagram, Facebook, Uber, and so on. Whatever we need, we look at our phones. Since more and more competition is growing online, it becomes an opportunity and success factor for the app developers.

Marketers are now more concerned towards How to develop social media marketing plans, which ultimately has become one the of the most significant reason for the killer of traditional strategies of the search engine.

Rather than finding a result on Google, people are more likely to open any specific website or mobile apps, such as Zomato, or Yelp to get the better information.

Therefore, it is important for marketers to know that where your audience is looking for the information and how you can offer them the best information, how could social selling help you in a better way and take make your products and services visible on the Internet.

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