Are You at the Top of SERP? What about Google Play Store?


How do you download an app?

Some people download an app on the recommendation of a friend, some download it on the recommendation of Google while most of the people search it on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store is no less than the SERP that you are ruling. It also can be optimized to rank your app higher. This goes without saying that higher the app ranks, more will be the chances of getting it downloaded.

It has been observed that given a little time, people like to play a game. If they are given more time, they browse the online shopping sites or read the news. The apps have become an important part of everyone’s lives. There are many apps on the mobile phones which have made the lives easier. A few thousand downloads for your app and you are successful already.

Here are some ways suggested by the popular SEO Company, using which you can optimize the app store and make your throne at the first position.

#1. A good title gets the clicks

If you are reading it, you probably know about SEO. You know that the headlines are important to get the clicks, likewise, the title of the app brings in the visitors. The title needs to be short but self-explanatory. About 25-character title is perfect and it appears well on the mobile screens. Put your thinking cap on and make the title interesting, not a click-bait but actually what can grab the attention of audiences. Make sure that the title is not generic. The generic searches on Google would not show your app and generic searches on Play Store would have a lot of competition.

#2.  Use the right keywords

Keywords are important to get your app discovered. The keywords anchor your content with the searcher intention. It becomes easy for Google to connect the typed keyword with your app. Do not overdo it, though. Repeated keywords in the description can do more harm than good to your app. It is a common belief that the Play Store uses the traditional approach to retrieve the results for the search; keywords. So, you cannot ignore them.

#3. Get the ratings but focus on rankings

For selling any product, the user ratings are helpful. The same goes for selling the app. The user ratings are important but they do not decide the fate of the app. Some top popular apps on Play Store do not have high ratings but they rank higher and hence, they are gaining popularity by the day. It is a proven fact that the ranks triumph the reviews on the Play Store.

#4. Get the downloads to get more downloads

The ratings do not affect the decision of downloading an app but the number of downloads does. The ranking algorithm measures the success of an app by the number of downloads. Your audiences will too guage the utility of the app with the number of downloads. You have to apply every trick in your book to get more downloads.

#5. Write the captivating description

The description helps in deciding the relevance of your app with the keywords typed. These are not only helpful in deciding the ranks, they help the users to understand what they are going to get inside the app better. The description is the only thing that you can control to compel the users to download the app.

#6. Use the SEO tactics

In order to make your app popular, you have to use every strategy that you implement for SEO. Google also recommends the app when you search for a branded query. You can use PPC to give your app the best chance that it deserves. You can send outreach emails to request your prospects to download the app. You can advertise your app on social media too. The reviews and ratings can help outside the Play Store to get the traffic on your app.

Do not have an app already? What are you waiting for? Get an App ASAP, otherwise, you will lose the internet game of rankings. According to the top SEO Firms, Google has made it clear that the app data is also used in deciding the search ranks of the websites. When you do not have an app, you are making it sure to lose to the competitors.

What do you do to get better ranks at the Play Store?

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