What Step Should Be Taken While Facing Google Penalty

Google Penalty

Are you facing the effect of Google bomb?

Then there are less chances for you to survive.

But unlike Google Bomb, if you face Google penalty due to change in algorithm then it is definite that your website traffic will be lowered significantly. However, you have the chance to understand the loopholes and get it corrected.

To help you come out of this problem, 10seos has come up with this post that can suggest you remedies to come out of the Google penalty


  • Find out if the it’s a Manual penalty or Algorithm penalty

To avoid the penalty from the search engine make sure to use tools that can analyse your website similar to Google. Find and reform the features that are not suitable in the eyes of Google.

Even if you face penalty, make sure to find if it is manual or algorithmic. Identifying the penalty type would help to resolve it easily.

Manual penalty

These are easier to identify because they are often accompanied by a message from Google within your Google webmaster tool. Manual penalty happens when Google’s spam algorithm flagged by something related to website and Google puts manual penalty on your website. The penalty can be on individual pages of the website or in the whole domain. The only way to come out with it, is via reconsideration request which Google should approve before revoking the penalty

Algorithmic penalty

This happens due to Google algorithm updates. A series of update and changes can make your earn algorithmic penalty, that can cause sudden decrease in your site’s ranking. Algorithmic penalty are difficult to detect because they do not come with any notification within Google webmaster tool. However, if you monitor your site’s ranking, you can analyse by the sudden drop in ranking. The easiest way to come out the penalty is to look at the analytics data.

  1. Fixing the problem

Once the type of penalty is identified, the next step is to get the solution. Manual penalties notifies what action are taken and the reason behind them. Often we see that manual penalties are caused due to spam practice of inbound link building. In this case, you need to audit your entire link profile, contacting each webmaster that links, asking them politely to remove the link. Thereafter write a reconsideration request. For algorithmic penalty use analytics data to find the problem originated from Panda update or penguin update. Analyse each component of your website in the eyes of Google to consider it fits for mobile and desktop users. Also consider factors like loading speed, ads. Content and other factors.

  1. Redesign your marketing strategy

Link cleanup are way too expensive and frustrating, time consuming work. Rather fixing the old plan, we should try and form a new marketing strategy. You start with content marketing strategy. A smart content marketing can earn you better inbound link. Inbound links can act as fuel for starting the marketing engine of the website.

Google come up with different features like I am feeling lucky and many more to attract the users and get them easy access to information. However when marketers use spam practices, user experience suffer hence penalty is levied. To avoid penalty, it is better to adhere to Google norms.

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