Self-Driving Cars are Going to Bring Seismic Size Effect on Advertising

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The future is near.

It has been estimated that within next five years, we can see self-driving cars on the roads racing with the human drivers. It has also been predicted that by the year 2020, the brands are going to put ten million such cars on the road. SEO Agencies say that the popular brands of the industry like Google, Ford, Volkswagen, and Uber are giving each other a neck to neck competition and trying to get all the attention of the audience.

So, what’s the connection between the cars and the advertisements?

Use of mobile phones is prohibited while driving. But not anymore. The mobile apps will get a great opportunity to pop up more relevant ads on the mobile phones, now that the person on the driver seat can check his mobile while driving. The fate of outdoor display ads is also going to change for good.

Let us dive into the details.

# Google is getting into the game because it can. It has that manpower, brains, technology, and research which can help it to break the code real soon. The primary revenue of Google comes from ads. Now that people will look into their mobile screens instead of the road, Google can earn more revenue by bidding for the time that the users will be spending on the small screens.

# The traditional radio has lost the presence due to the connected cars and by the year 2021, they will vanish from the face for the earth. The self-driving cars would kill the radio and put the music streaming apps in the limelight. Not only music streaming, people can also watch the videos or play video games while in the car.

# Since people will not have to drive, the time saved can be targeted by the brands to get the attention of the audience.

# The outdoor displays will have to adapt according to the changing scenario. No one likes to be served the ads but if they are engaging and interesting, even 30-minute ads have an excellent viewership on the YouTube. The outdoor displays would have to communicate with the audience. They can show them the traffic status ahead of the road or can tell the visitors that their cars need to take a rest at the bar nearby.

# Aren’t all the marketers targeting the small screens in the mobile-first world? Since the drivers do not have to drive, the timings when people leave for office and leave from office would become the peak hours for the mobile use.

# This would make the travel safe for the people as now they can focus on a single thing while driving.

The advertising agencies have to plan for the future now because the change is evident. The traditional marketing would become even less powerful with the growing dominance of the mobile marketing. The investment on less intrusive and more informative ads needs to be increased. The sooner you get ready, the farther you can go.

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