Represent Social Media like a Champion with These ‘Visual’ Tools

Social Media

It is not possible that visuals are still not a part of your social media strategy.

Every brand and SEO Company out there are using the visuals to deliver the message and to connect with the audiences. Live streaming is gaining so much popularity. If you are not already investing the visual content, you are just preparing a recipe to fail. Here are some tools that can help you with the process.

#1. Animoto for Videos that speak about You

Videos are the best visuals that get the maximum number of interactions. You need not be a professional to make the videos, this tool can make your work easy. Animoto is a great tool that can make the professional videos. You can create a free account on Animoto using your Facebook profile or email. You can choose the templates to set a look for your video. Add photos, video clips and music to get it done. You can use the video clips and music from your drive, from any social media or from the internet. Once you are done, you can see a preview and make corrections too. You can then upload the video on the social media. The paid version of this tool has a lot more features. This is available at a price ranging from $8 to $34 a month.

#2. Get your own GIFs with Legend

Who does not like GIF and when you get to create your own GIF, it’s cool. All you need is an app called Legend. Using text, flash and images, you can create customized GIF of your own. Choose a photo and put your text on that. Select the animation that you want to use. You can edit the picture, its color and size to suit your requirements. You can directly share it on social media.

#3. Get the GIFs on Facebook too with Cinemagraph

We all consume the most number of GIFs and Video content from the Facebook. The Cinemagraph is available in free and paid version for $15 a month. Firstly, select the animation that you want in your picture like electrified hair. Record a clip of the desired length to upload to the tool. Mask the part of the picture that you want to move with the paintbrush tool. Now, set the loop type, speed, and crossfade. You can some more effects to the picture. In order to set your video for 7-second timeframe, export at least 6 seconds. Your picture is all ready to be uploaded.

#4. Add a little sound with Overvideo

How can we ignore the importance of sounds in our videos? This is a common belief that people watch muted videos but not all of them. Adding sounds is necessary to add spice to the videos. The Overvideo is available for iOS only. Open the app and shoot a video. You can edit the video and put some text and images. Simply select an audio file from the music library and add the music to the video. Share it with everyone.

#5. Be a professional with GoAnimate presentations

It is a real fun tool. You can make the videos using templates, characters, music, props, and customized backgrounds. You cannot download and share the video in free demo version but for experiment sort of purpose and for learning, it is great. You can create business presentations, video infographics, and whiteboard animation on this. When you select the purpose, you will get associated characters, props, texts, backgrounds etc. You can also add animations to the text with the proper time set. You can customize everything as per your requirements and add voiceover recording too. You can add music and share it with the world. Top 10 SEO Agencies suggest writing the title, tags and description to your videos to prove the ownership.

Visuals are very important and you should be using them. Creating your own visuals sounds very interesting. What do you think? Are you ready to be all creative?

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