Prepare for the Rise of Machines, Get Searched by the Voice Assistants


Siri, Cortana, Google’s voice assistant and Amazon’s voice assistant.

These are the four well-known assistants that we know today. With the advancing technologies, the internet search is changing too. Google is making its voice assistant more sophisticated by the day. Everyday we read a news that Google is experimenting with the voice assistant. Apple’s Siri is going to be open for the third-party app developers.

Whether you like it or not, these assistants are going to be the future of the digital world. 20% of the mobile searches are voice searches and the number is increasing. And why not? It is easy and convenient. You do not have to type anything and you can speak better than type for sure. The voice assistants do not only search for the query literary, they know the context of the search and give you more accurate results.

In order to be prepared for the voice assistants, you have to prepare for the voice search. Voice search is the ground zero for the voice assistants. Here is the SEO Companies list to help you with the task.

You should know that in order to rank for the voice searches, the content should be in the conversational form. It should be detailed and exact at the same point. When all the brands are fighting to get the first position on the SERP, it is high time that they optimize their website for the voice search too.

Here are the three ways using which you can make your website rank for the voice searches.

#1. Focus on the local and branded searches

The Brand name should be such that the voice assistant can understand them. Now you cannot change your  brand’s name now but you can be prepared for that. You should be prepared to drive the leads to you, even when the voice assistants mess up the branded query. Research all the misspellings for your product that the voice search may do. Add these keywords to your campaign and get the audiences from these searches too. Similarly, research all the names of the other brands that can be confused with your brand name, add them to the list of the negative keywords. The major part of these voice searches are local ones. It is necessary that you optimize your website for the local searches, be present on the map using both organic and paid mediums.

#2. Rethink your content strategy

You certainly do not talk the way you write. The talking is more natural and typing is restricted. You want to type the minimum words to get the results. Using the voice assistants, the aim is to get the perfect result, hence you are more specific. To be found on the voice searches, write the content in the conversational form. Optimize the most valuable pages of your website with more conversational language. Target the long-tail keywords as they bring you more targeted traffic and there is less competition. These keywords should be the one which derives maximum traffic.

#3. Answer the questions at every stage of the sales funnel

Searches are all about the questions, ‘what is the best hotel in Atlanta’, ‘how can I fix my mobile’ and ‘Who wrote the book; the Audacity of hope’. As such, it is necessary that you answer the what, why, who, where, and how. Prepare a sales funnel and identify what audiences may want to know about you. Research the forums, Q&A platforms, the comment section of your posts and find out the questions of your audiences.Every content on your website should be an answer to a question. Invest in the surveys to know your audiences better.

Go online, see the SEO Company rankings and hire one of the best. If you think that your audiences are not using the voice search to reach you, you are making a huge mistake. Everyone is pretty excited about the voice assistants. Now, it may be a facility but it is going to become utility soon and then necessity. It is better to start out now, your competitors may be leading. Clock is ticking.



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