Making the Most Useless Email a Useful one

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You get many emails in a day.

Many of them are useless and only some of them are actually what you keep in your Inbox after reading. Let us talk about the specific kinds of the emails. The emails from the e-commerce websites after you have placed the order. You get emails like; order confirmation, order dispatched, order out for delivery and order delivered.

The order confirmation email is the most useless one. When you have placed the order, you obviously know that it has been confirmed. The website or app shows that already but here they are.

This may come as a shock that in spite of being a useless one, these emails have 114.3% of open rate. The click rate is 12.5% which is higher as compared to other e-commerce emails. So, basically, what we wrote that it is a useless email, is actually false. The buyers seem to be loving them. They seem to be considering them as helpful. Let us make these helpful emails more effective.

#1. By Showcasing the Brand’s objective

The best local SEO services advice using this space to make a connection with the audience. Tell them how unique you are and what are your objectives. Make the email engaging with storytelling. You can tell them by buying the item, they have become a part of a big family. You can tell them how many ordered you have served and how many lives you have changed. A touch of humanity would make them inquisitive and they would want to know more about you.

#2. By Giving a way to future help

Placing an order is not the end of the road. The buyer has many doubts even after buying, if you give them the link to contact in the email, they will click on it to solve the petit queries. When they see that you care, they will not turn anywhere else.

#3. Cross-selling and upselling

This is the most common way the brands have been using the order confirmation email. It is to be kept in mind that you do not recommend the things that they just bought or the things cheaper alternative to the bought item. This would either make them cancel the order or they will be filled with the buyer’s remorse and buy from you in the future after becoming 100% sure.

#4. Social sharing CTA

Take the opportunity to ask for some help from the customers. If you do not ask them to share nice words on the social media, they would never do that. Place the sharing buttons in the email to reduce the work needed. If the shopping experience has been great and they bought the products at the desired prices, they will happily vote for you if you ask them. The buyer’s content always gives you the credibility on the internet.

#5. The referral program

After purchasing the product, the buyer feels like a big work is done. They may not return to you until they require some products. You can create that need to return by offering some discount on the next purchase or by asking them to refer the services to a friend. The incentives would help them to act fast on the offer and you get the new prospects too.

#6. Mobile app promotion

Every e-commerce site has an app and there is a high probability that the buyer has the app for the site too. But do not hold back in promoting the app to the ones who have not downloaded it yet. The app helps you to send the notifications which are more interactive than the emails and they get the action fast.

So, now you know that the useless email need not be as useless. If they are opened, why not put the most important message on them? Keep sending these emails and keep getting more prospects and more customers.

A positive approach can make the lifetime relationship , says the best local SEO services and your customers may become loyal advocates too. The order confirmation emails are a sign or a proof of the order but they can be a lot more. How do you use them? Are you getting the maximum benefits out of it? Please comment below.

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