Insights 101: How to target your competition

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SEO is based on competition – analysis. This means that it’s wise for any business to know what their competitors are doing and more specifically: what they do better and what they do worse than your business. Of course this is absolutely not about stressing yourself night and day on what your rivals do better: on the contrary it’s how not to stress yourself on what they are doing but learn from them. This time around we will present you with some ways on how to target and work against your competition on Facebook.

Insights: Pages to Watch

This function is at the bottom of „Overview” tab and it will serve you well once you start using it. First of all, you don’t need much of a physical search to find most of your direct rivals: they will be featured automatically in the „suggestion” field. Of course, you can also do manual searches to make sure.  This feature will tell you the following data on your competitors’ Facebook activity:

  • Total number of „ Likes”
  • New page „Like”  – this is essential for you to see and learn when they post and what they post
  • Number of posts this week:  showing you how many new posts did they release that week
  • Weekly Engagement data: it will show you how many people did react to their post.

To make sure you are well –covered you can add up to a 100 companies’ pages in the „ Pages to Watch” category.

With the help of Facebook you can also find out the following key informaton for your business:

  • The campaigns they run
  • What offers do they have in their campaigns and what do their fans and dislike the most
  • You can learn from the comments about their brand on what people like or dislike about it. This you can use to improve your brand.
  • You can deliberately target people who are the more sour fans of your competition with carefully made ads.
  • Complaints on the competition’s page can also help you handle the complaints you receive better: this is true and no matter what or how you do one think is for sure: there will always be some who will complain, either for real or not-so-real reasons.

Subscribe to RSS feed: Although RSS needs a specific reader, you can subscribe to one’s RSS without having to actually „Like” or „Follow” a page. That’s why tons of Phoenix SEO company uses this method to see the social media activities of others.

There are tons of way of learning about your competitors’ activities. But there is a difference between keeping an eye on someone and straight-up spying on someone. Try to stay fair and remember: what you do may as well be done by your competitors too.

Another point to add is, while these tools are great and new, all these are only beginner SEO practices. To learn more in depth you will need a Miami SEO company expert’s participation in your online business and social media marketing strategy.

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