The main purpose of SEO and link building is absolutely straight. These practices are followed to gain better traffic from ranking higher on the SERPs. It is never seen that two company reached the top of SERP simultaneously because everybody has their recipe of success that make them a step ahead. But there is some technique in SEO that can facilitate dual profit for the businesses in terms of SEO and backlinks. Link building can be taken as an important ingredient for the recipe of success in SERP.

10seos brings to you careful insight on how to choose the relevant link for getting successful in SERPS.


Link building is an important element in search ranking because search engine gives importance to individual page ranking along with the website ranking. There are many types of links that are seen in backlink profiles. Google appreciate and rank the website with high-quality inbound links with a natural link building profile. Such websites have the minimum risk from any Google update.

Factors to consider for link building:

  • Stay relevant
  • Before accepting any link, make sure to analyze the content relevancy, value, and uniqueness. They should attract natural editorial links.
  • Link with relevant domain
  • Diversity of links provide better insight for natural link profile
  • The link title should have keywords and relevant information
  • Value to backlinks from older authoritarian websites.
  • Keep eye on number
  • A number of the incoming link is always appreciated but the overall scores would not be only adding all the linking pages. So what is exactly taken into consideration? Let us see:
  • Number of linking root domain
  • Number of linking pages
  • The number of links from separate C-Class IPs.
  • A balance between to follow and do follow inbound links is important to establish a healthy natural link building profile.
  • Link velocity or link building is an important factor that is looked upon by Google. For marketers, it depicts their as well competitor’s business growth clearly. Too many inbound links in short period of time or earning few links in longer duration of time, both of them do not give any benefit. A positive link velocity can only earn the better ranking at SERPs while negative velocity can hamper the ranking.
  • Do not compromise on quality

Emphasizing on content quality in SEO is an older practice yet prevalent for link building as well as for effective SEO.

  • Authority of the linking domain is a crucial factor
  • Larger word count content when linked gives the better result than shorter contents.
  • Links from top sources website
  • Contextual links etc.
  • Handle with caution
  • The trustworthiness of the linking site should be thoroughly investigated.
  • Buying or selling any link or any link scheme is punishable
  • Guest post is a better way to build links but overstuffing post with links and keywords should be avoided completely.
  • Pay more attention to details
  • Links from the country specific top level domain are good to be found in country specific searches.
  • Google differentiate user generated content and website content. This is helpful for large blogging communities as it helps Google distinguish user generated content.
  • Too many 301 redirects can have the bad effect on page rank but a moderate amount is easily digestible.

Final words

To rank higher in SERPs, you need to build a strong link profile with the high quality of backlinks. Link building is the process that facilitates SEO hence it cannot be avoided.

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