Should Brands Delete their Facebook Pages (Now that Personal posts are Favored)

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“Personal posts over news”, says Facebook.

This statement brought an earthquake in the digital industry and everything seems to be changing planes.

Facebook does not want to become an advertising platform and it is on the way to restore the social value that it used to hold. ‘Relevance’ has become the most importance judgment parameter that decides whether or not you will reach your audience. Facebook means a connection with the family and friends who are far away but never forgotten.

As a step in that direction, Facebook has declared that in the NewsFeed, users will get the posts from their friends above the promotional stories from the brands and the marketers. It was already tough to reach to the audience organically, now the new feature is the nail in the coffin of organic reach on the platform.

Let us see what the future holds for the brand on Facebook.

# Finally wave goodbye to organic

The organic reach has already been decreasing every month and it has become challenging for the writers to come up with something that would be interesting to the users. Various SEO vendors are worried because there has been a drop of 42% in the organic reach in May as compared to January.

# The traffic that the brands are receiving on their Facebook page and hence, redirecting to the website is surely going to be affected. Merely posting the article is not going to cut it. If you want to maintain the referral traffic, make sure that your posts are liked and shared by the people. As they do that, you can make a significant place in their NewsFeed.

# Facebook says that the aim is not to snatch the powers of the brand pages or making them less influential, the only objective is to feed the stories that are relevant for the audience. If you are providing the extremely relevant stories to the audience, you are safe from the negative effects of the new change.

# The native content seems to be the apple of the Facebook’s eye. It especially mentions that the native videos are going to be more important than other kinds of content on the platform.

# With the  paid only way left to get the clicks, the small and less popular brands would have to face many challenges on Facebook. They have to make peace with the fact that Facebook traffic is not the reliable one and they have to find other ways to get the conversions.

# 62% Americans use social media for news consumption and according to the 67% of them, Facebook is the platform where they go to read the news. So does that means that users will not get the news on Facebook now? Certainly not. The big publishers who are providing the regular news and have high followers do not have to worry. They will still appear in the news feed because of the great number of likes and shares.

If you have an interested audience, you do not have to worry about the Facebook update. With the changing times, some things are gonna change. You have to try and make the situation better because according to the top SEO Agencies,  it is a game of the survival of the fittest. Adjust to move the social needle in your favor.

If you are already using the best practices for the Facebook organic reach, please comment below.

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