Email marketing is the oldest and the most successful marketing tool available in digital marketing. The latest trend in email marketing for 2017, clearly show a steep rise in the number of conversions via email marketing.

Email marketing is valuable because it is one of the most cost effective media for marketing and increasing the reach of your product. If you happen to create your subscriber’s list then they are the most prone customers for conversion through an effective email marketing.

Since every day hundreds of marketing emails are sent to the potential customers, it is difficult to make email receiver to open the mail and go through it.

10seos has come up with all the solution that you need to overcome this issue. Here’s the list of 4 tips that can help you earn good business by email marketing.

  • A strong subject line

Out of many factors that affect email opening rate, the subject line is the most important one. The subject line is important because it is the first things that come in front of the email receiver. Even if you have best email content and not a strong subject line then chances are you are lost in the inbox. There are many ways to create a strong subject line such as:

  • Keep it short: 6-10 words subject lines emails are opened the maximum times.
  • Choose each word very carefully:  your sentence should not sound like a sale pitch.
  • Personalize: use merge tags to make a personalized subject line. They have the better open rate.
  • Focus on the benefit: your subject line should talk about the benefit that customers can incur.
  1. Work on call to action

A marketing email is of no use if the prospects are not guided towards a call to action. Just as the subject line, the CTA should communicate clearly about the benefit of the email receivers. The CTA used should be short yet punchy. Another way to direct the prospects to CTA is through generating a sense of urgency. Urgency will make them go ahead for the conversion before they are late to avail it.

  1. Personalization is the key

Personalizing the subject line is optional but personalizing the subject matter is not. An email with personalized content have better conversion and click through rate. A personalized email content can instigate subscribers to buy and activate the dormant subscribers.

Personalization content involves sending targeted and specific content for the respective user group. You can personalize the content based on purchase history, subscription preference, location, interest etc. The basic plus point behind personalized emails are, prospects feel that the email is sent for their personal benefit.

  1. Think for mobile

You have to make sure that your emails are based on responsive design. 70% of the population use mobile for reading emails hence if your email is difficult to read, you are definitely losing something big.

To make it apt for mobile keep it short and crisp. Make sure that your images load faster. There are many factors in email marketing that compel customers to stick to the brand. It is important to understand the hardship they may face while accessing your email and work through them to remove it. Here are some factors you should consider.

  • Length: your content should be short yet precise and should clearly explain the purpose of the email sent.
  • CTA: make sure your CTA is bold and big enough to be used by mobile users easily.
  • Images: Sort the problem that is related to image loading time in emails for the mobile users.


There are many creative ways to generate the better response for emails. However, you need to fulfill the basic needs before being creative.

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