Prepare for the Rise of Machines, Get Searched by the Voice Assistants


Siri, Cortana, Google’s voice assistant and Amazon’s voice assistant. These are the four well-known assistants that we know today. With the advancing technologies, the internet search is changing too. Google is making its voice assistant more sophisticated by the day.

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To Become Successful, Know What Your Audiences Want. But How?


Isn’t it the question of the millennium? What audiences want? Every business strategy is dependent on this question. One easy way to know what audiences want is to directly approach them and ask but that is not possible every time

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Mobile Search and the Desktop Search is not the Same and You know it!

mobile search

The ultimate aim of Google is to provide relevant information to its users. All the new algorithm updates, the new features are implemented to enhance the user experience. While the PPC ads are the main source of income for Google,

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Google’s Gboard similar to Mobile Search results. Is it so?

Mobile Search

SEOs are more excited than ever, Google has presented them a new opportunity to rank. Google Gboard which is considered to be displaying the results on iOS similar to the mobile results, they are actually not much similar. Firstly, we

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