Self-Driving Cars are Going to Bring Seismic Size Effect on Advertising

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The future is near. It has been estimated that within next five years, we can see self-driving cars on the roads racing with the human drivers. It has also been predicted that by the year 2020, the brands are going

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Are You at the Top of SERP? What about Google Play Store?


How do you download an app? Some people download an app on the recommendation of a friend, some download it on the recommendation of Google while most of the people search it on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store

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Prepare for the Rise of Machines, Get Searched by the Voice Assistants


Siri, Cortana, Google’s voice assistant and Amazon’s voice assistant. These are the four well-known assistants that we know today. With the advancing technologies, the internet search is changing too. Google is making its voice assistant more sophisticated by the day.

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What is Mobile-friendliness everyone can’t Shut Talking About?

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57% of the mobile users do not recommend a business to a friend with a bad mobile site. And you thought that developing the website for mobile was not a necessity. The small screens are ruling the internet world, even

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