Understanding The Scope Of Google’s Mobilegeddon Update

Scope Of Google’s Mobilegeddon Update

There are many ranking factors that are followed by webmasters after the series of Google updates. These prescribed changes are seriously followed by the SEO companies to get better ranking. The latest algorithm change, Mobilegeddon update will enhance the ranking of the website that are mobile friendly. This update is providing a serious game changer for companies competing on SERP.

10seos has brought this post, to help you understand this latest update and prepare yourself to get better ranking.

Mobilegeddon update will make the non mobile friendly websites rank much lower in SERP. To make Google love your website or app, it is important to adhere its norms. Google has clearly stated that there would be no middle ground of negotiation. Either the site would be mobile optimized or not. Optimizing the website according to mobile require complete change in site architect and the content of the website.

Content production for the Mobilegeddon

Pagerank tool influenced the content quality of the websites, in order to gain better ranking on SERP but series of Google updates have curbed this practice. Mobile geddon update will again lead to change in the content pattern of the websites. To keep the pace with this update, content producers will have to modify their content writing while creating high quality, compelling content.

Let us discuss the way we can change the content according to mobilegeddon update

  1. Trim the length of the headline

User experience in mobile devices are absolutely different from that of PCs. one of the most important thing to consider is size of the screen. In desktop version of the content, longer headlines are easily used but mobiles have restriction of space, hence create shorter headlines.

It is very important to learn and condense the content in the shorter version, to make it more comprehensive for mobile usage.

  1. Make shorter paragraphs

Mobile users have low span of attention. If the content are too long then chances are they cannot be consumed in one go. To make the content easily digestible for mobile users, it is better to make the content comprehensive. The format in which the content is presented should also be in bitsize. If paragraphs after paragraphs are seen in mobile screen then chances are users may feel too much burdened and they end up getting deflected.

The best thing can be done is , make the copy crisp and precise. You can reduce the copy of the homepage completely. When the homepage is completely filled with content, chances are users may find difficult to read. Make the information in short bits and pieces.

  1. Less Word, More Action

Mobilegeddon update wants you to make content that is well digested for the user. Content producers will have to eliminate and use less words that can clearly describe your intention and the information clearly.

In addition to factors like quality content and compelling, now the content should be constructed in the least amount of words.

Google intend with the series of the updates is, to have better UX experience. Websites that are made for mobile version or the one made for desktop version, should have to keep in mind the user experience to gain better ranking on Google.

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