Google has recently come up with Smart goal to growth hack Google Adword campaigns. Smart goals are usually setup in Google analytics. 10seos which always work behind giving most updated information to its readers and marketers, bring a brief overview on smart goals, when they are useful, how to combine them with adword campaign.

What are Smart Goals?

Smart goals uses machine language to analyse hundreds of signals about the website to determine which one can yield better conversion. There is always one smart goal for the entire website. Google decides on the parameters that they do not share with users, what to count as successful smart goal completion. Google differentiate between smart goals and regular goals and give you direct comparison.

There are many important google analytics metrics that are frequently analysed by marketers. Smart goal metrics can be evaluated in Google analytics. Smart goals basically tells you the quantity of high quality visits your website has received and how they perform for sale. Smart goals also show metrics for each traffic sources. There are many unique ways Google analytics can be used, smart goal can be a unique way for people who can’t indulge much with stats in Google analytics. They can use smart goal Google analytics to gain better business from the website.

Using smart goal for Adwords

The real growth hack is using smart goal for Adwords along with Google analytics.

Let us see who gets benefitted if smart goals are implemented in adwords:

  • Business with long sale funnel

  • People who do not track their conversion rates

  • People who just track sale

  • People who do not track enough conversions like new account, new campaign etc

Adwords has many amazing features that are unknown to many people. Adwords offer automatic CPA bidding that optimizes for conversion. If your Adword and analytics are linked together and import the smart goals to adwords, the conversion optimization would go for gata collected by Google from thousands of website and additionally it will provide smart goal stats.

In other way, you can start CPA bidding and let it get optimized automatically for smart goal conversion. This way Google rely on data that they have collected from thousand of accounts from the industry instead of low quality or not enough data of conversion from your campaign.

Setting up smart goal

Step 1: login to your analytics account and go to admin section. Click on goals and then smart goals. If you want to use smart goal for adwords then follow the second step.

Step 2: Once smart goal is created, you need to link Google analytics with adwords. You can link them by going to property tab of admin section of Google analytics.

Now this will enable to set up CPA bidding strategy with the smart goal success as an actual conversion.

Google will automatically optimize the traffic based on the data generated and show metrics about the campaigns performance in accordance to smart goal.

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