Google’s Gboard similar to Mobile Search results. Is it so?

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SEOs are more excited than ever, Google has presented them a new opportunity to rank. Google Gboard which is considered to be displaying the results on iOS similar to the mobile results, they are actually not much similar. Firstly, we all know that the search results are displayed horizontally and the user experienced is much different from the vertical search results display.

According to the top 10 SEO Firms, the ranking algorithm that is used to display results on the Gboard is very much similar to the mobile search algorithm. Google has not developed a new algorithm for this new SERP. However, if you compare the results on chrome on your mobile, they are somewhat different. Rajan Patel, a principal engineer at Google says that Google is experimenting with the rankings but mobile rankings are taken as a base.

What is the difference?

While mobile results are about the accelerating the reading experience, Gboard results are about sharing and responding. The results which provide the direct answers to the search query are preferred in the Gboard. The knowledge graph which contains a useful information about the brand are moved up in the Gboard results while in the mobile results, they were mostly in the mid.

In Gboard, the recent news which can instantly be shared is shown at the top while on mobiles, AMPs fetched the prominent position. Gboard is not allowing any ads as for now and there are no immediate plans either. The results are organic and that is what the most significant thing about Gboard.

The Gboard is also not showing the app listings which are the part of the mobile results. The news that is shown in both the variations is also not the same. While in Chrome the results are AMPs, the Gboard supports the non-AMP news listings.

The local results are, however, pretty much unchanged. Their listings and orientation are the same, there are reviews, ratings, calling feature, and directions.

As the Gboard is not supporting the ads, the shopping results are not shown. There are no paid listings for the general buying searches like ‘toys’ or ‘play station’.

There is a science behind the variation of these results; mobile search results have a long-term memory, the person who is logged into his Google account with a specific device, enjoys the personalized results. The Gboard, on the other hand, does not have such a long-term memory and the results are not unique. You will not get the results based on your history or preference. It has a memory for a very short duration of time and if you are making repeated searches in a row, you will be shown the personalized results. Closing the Gboard once would erase your previous search data.

If you are an android user and tempted to use the Gboard reading all about it, there is a ray of hope. Google is working to roll out the same feature for the android devices too but that time is too far away. According to Google, android already has many facilities and fast display for results, the iOS was a typical one to use thus the Gboard was developed for the iOS first.

As told before, all the best SEO services have started to rule this SERP as the organic is the king in Gboard. Are you far behind?

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