When it comes to Doodles used in the Google, we find mixed reaction among the users. Some find it extremely satisfactory and interesting while many find it irritating and distracting as well.

In the midst of these people, we can find another set of people who regard doodles as childish and take it as a forceful act. Despite of the pleasure and displeasure, Google doodle are a great way to project the thinking of Google and the on going activities of the world. Due to Google’s doodle people can understand the history far better. Take the example of the doodle that was created on the 90th anniversary of John Logie Baird, who invented mechanical television. Children and even the adult were introduced to this man who actually years before invented the television for us.

10seos would like to emphasise here that it takes lot of effort and creativity to design a perfect Doodle for users.

However back in 2011 Google acquired widespread criticism. This was due to the doodle that was used on 119th anniversary of Martha Graham. Martha Graham is regarded as the great innovator from the twentieth century, whose contribution was immense in the field of dance and music. The Google doodle on Martha Graham created a lot of hullabaloo because the doodle has an adverse effect on the speed of the search engine.

The process of removing doodle is highly simple. However to carry out the process one should have a Google account. Once a user have Google account to hide doodle, they can simply click on “ change background image”. You can locate the option at the bottom right of the search engine homepage. Once you find the option, you can choose a new background which appear in public gallery.Even if the users can disable doddle for that day, still they cannot make their homepage in white background. If users desperately wants the white background, then they will have to create an image and use it as white background.

Another shorter way to remove Doodle is to make use of Firefox Google link. Alternatively chrome users can select doodle which replaces the homepage until the next image is selected.

Regardless of liking and disliking Google Doodles have been an interesting way to educate, inform and grab users attention on the topics that are essential. For example, Google’s doodle on LGBT right that draw the user’s attention on the burning topic and supports its stand on the issue as well. Another example can be papercraft model doodle that draw focus on the holiday season of school children, make their parents aware that they should spend time with children because there holiday period has begun.

In a way Google Doodle is working on its full potential to show educate, inform and excite its users and draw their attention through doodles.

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