The latest Google Penguin update has made bad linking almost deadly for your online presence. Link building in present time is different from the one that was practiced before penguin update. The bad link building practice can now make you earn low ranking and even suspension or penalty.

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Link building has changed drastically over the years. The practice prevalent in link building in past few years is now spammy. To avoid your valuable resources getting wasted in spammy links, we have compiled a list of 6 type of links that should be avoided.

  • Paid links

It is no different even you buy or sell any link. In the Google Penguin era, it is important to stay far away from buying or selling of links. If you have any paid link in your website even if it is 3 years old, remove it from your website.

  • Article directory link

Few years before article directory linking was very prevalent and was easy to acquire. But with frequent low-quality content and distribution software caused severe abuse. The result was Google penalized many article directories. This tactic is no longer prevalent in SEO and link building.

  • Link exchange/ reciprocal link scheme

The concept of link exchange was popular for many years. The concept was you give me the link and I shall link back to you. In this way, link building process continued for years. However, soon it was turned spammy and it is not prevalent anymore.

  • Low-quality press release

Usage of frequent low-quality content and lack of editorial filtration, many press releases submitted to the websites are now completely discarded from practice by Google.

  • Low-quality directory links and bad neighborhood in general

Many of the old directories are not indexed by Google anymore. Even if some of them are still indexed it is not a wise idea to get linked from these directories. While they are some specific directories that are good for links but low-quality link directory should be avoided sincerely.

How to get rid of these spammy links?

Getting rid of bad links are pretty expensive and especially if you are already blown away with the penguin update and your ranking and income has disappeared. At this point, you can do SEO audit to analyze which of links should be removed. 10seos provides the best SEO audits with minimum investment. You can go ahead and contact us if you are stuck!

After finding all the links, contact the site owner to remove these links. If you feel, it is a difficult task then you are right. For sites that do not request the removal of the link, you can use Google disavow tool for them.

To know about the type of links that are ideal for link building, stay connected with 10seos. Happy reading!

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