Bing News PubHub, A Better Way Of Content Distribution


Content writing is easy, content distribution is tough.

Top 10 SEO Company believes that ‘what’ is easy to answer than ‘where’. You have your own creativity and you can come up with the unique ideas every now and then but content distribution is what you cannot control. You may not be reaching your every audience because you are using a wrong platform to publish the content. In this world of neck to neck competition, one mistake and you are out of the race. As such, you have to know the right way to be discovered.

Bing has launched a new initiative called Bing PubHub which is a news distribution portal. Every verified purchaser be it a small business or a giant of the industry; can use the services to make it accessible to all the Bing users.


In order to prove the worthiness of the Bing PubHub, it claims that 20% of the US desktop users use Bing to get the comprehensive news. Millions of users are on Bing and it is serving them the relevant news. Millions of Windows 10 users use Bing through Cortana and Outlook users use it through Outlook news connector. Bing also has an app which displays the news on both iOS and Android. Submitting news to the Bing PubHub simply means increasing the reaches to the audiences connected with the Bing network.

Submitting the news on Bing PubHub is absolutely easy. All you have to do is comply with the Bing Webmaster Guidelines. You should be using the Bing Webmasters tools for your website.

If you are already not doing that, you should sign up and verify the ownership of your news website. After completing both the steps, you can sign into the PubHub and submit your news for consideration. Mere submission of news does not mean that Bing would distribute it. Bing has a reputation to keep and it wants to provide only relevant and worthy news to its readers. Hence, it is necessary that your news passes certain parameters.

These parameters are the worthiness, originality, authoritative, and readability. In order to write a great news that may be distributed by the Bing networks, use interesting topics that may benefit the readers. The data used should be original and not taken from other places. The product promotions, advice columns, and weather forecasts are considered as thin content. The facts should be corrected to the last bit. According to the SEO services, if Bing gets many news entries on the similar subject, it judges the originality and bypasses only the one with comprehensiveness and individual touch.

Bing believes in maintaining the trust of the readers, hence, the content should be authoritative. If you have taken inspiration from a site, mention the source. The content in itself should be readable and shareable. There should not be any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that may ruin the reading experience of the Bing users. The news website should be clutter-free. If there are any ads on the website, they should not shadow the whole screen and disturb the reading experience.

So, now you know what should be done. Are you ready to take the benefit of the Bing PubHub? How are you going to make the most of it?

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