Should Brands Delete their Facebook Pages (Now that Personal posts are Favored)

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“Personal posts over news”, says Facebook. This statement brought an earthquake in the digital industry and everything seems to be changing planes. Facebook does not want to become an advertising platform and it is on the way to restore the

Self-Driving Cars are Going to Bring Seismic Size Effect on Advertising

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The future is near. It has been estimated that within next five years, we can see self-driving cars on the roads racing with the human drivers. It has also been predicted that by the year 2020, the brands are going

Mark Your Memorable Presence on Instagram


Pictures. Who does not like them? The growing popularity of Instagram is the proof that in the coming few years, digital platforms would be ruled by the visuals. Instagram has billions of users and you can find a majority of

Talking is the Best Way to Get the Answers


Yes, by ‘talking’, we mean call center. After buying a product, the customers often face some problems like they are unable to understand the manual or the product is faulty or they want to know why smoke is coming out

How to Make the Marketing Reports Impressive by 5 Simple Steps


If your job is to prepare the marketing reports, You Sir, are very important part of the brand. There are many people who do not like to get their hands dirty with the data. We all talk about the analytics